Lina Neidestam

Born April 22, 1984 in Södertälje and most famous for his series Zelda , a feminist series trio and her erotic series novel Maran . Lina Neidestam started drawing early and drawing in school age, but it would be a long time before she actually saw cartoonists as an achievable profession. According to her own exposition, she found series such as Lilla Fridolf and Buster very sad and then received a request to make her own series that she found humorous. It was partly that made henna begin to illustrate, write chronicles and articles for reading magazineyouth section when she still went to high school. Even though the term was set for journalism, she started her education at the Malmö Series School in 2005 when she was unable to enter the Journalist High School . She soon joined and started a cartoon collective together with some schoolmates, and together they released five songs by the fanzine Polly Darton . After graduating from the Series School in Malmö, she studied a course at Basis Art School to improve her cartoon technique and in 2007, the magazine Metro published her series of series about the super-feminist Zelda.


In 2007, Neidestam participated in the Lantis project of the series and contributed to the series Witch in the forest . Later that year, she was contacted by the lifestyle site , wondering if she could draw a series of female lead roles. Zelda’s success as a superfeministic character, which does not always live as she learns, soon became widely popular and has since taken part in publications such as Metro, Nemi, NSD , Situation Stockholm, Rocky and Norwegian Daily Newspaper. In 2012, Aftonbladet also began publishing the series in both printed and digital format. Zelda has been awarded 3 different collective albums by Kartago Publisher, where the first reached the store shelves in 2009. Zelda was also one of the series in an album from Egmont, focusing on new female series-makers.


Zelda is a humorous series that includes topics such as eroticism, gender roles, feminism and other related topics. The titled zodiac Zelda is a character that constantly goes against its own ideal and moral compass, leading to many frustrating and comical situations. Among other things, the character has an open relationship with her boyfriend while suffering from jealousy and aggression when the boyfriend brings a girl from the pub. As a character, she is not completely different from many classical stereotypes that hymble with herself and throw a glorious light on their own actions while doing what they do goes against what they preach. The only difference is that Zelda is a woman, while most stereotype personalizations have traditionally been men. A Swedish series that Neidestam himself mentions as inspiration isCecilia Torudds wide popular single mother, with his everyday humor and high recognition factor. Neidestam itself admits that Zelda is a way for her to release her own daily frustration and find a character that she can partially identify with. There has also been talk of basing an animated TV series on the series and in 2012 Neidestam will have worked on a script for a pilot section. In the question of who would make the voice of the title character, Neidestam has expressed a strong wish to see / hear Nour El-Refai in the role of Zelda.                                                                                                                    


Neidestam’s success with Zelda led to her receiving the Adam’s Statue in 2011 and the following year The Great Pondus Prize , which counts in money, is the largest series in the Nordic region. The Adamsons statue was 1965 Sweden’s first series prize and since its inception, it has been distributed regularly every year by the Swedish Academy of the Arts to nominees who are considered to be well-earned even if they were not active during the nomination itself. The price is usually given in both Swedish and international category. The award itself represents the cartoon figure Adamson by Oscar Jacobsson and carved in wood by the sculptor Urban Gunnarssonevery year. In recent years, the winners have also received a serial squad along with the statue. By exception, called exceptional series action, a yellow or honorary statue has been distributed.   


In addition to Zelda, Neidestam is also known for his album Maran, a feminist erotic sex series in the folk environment, which was given as part of Koliks Förlag’s Femisex series in 2010. For his work on the erotic series, Neidestam was awarded a scholarship by the Artistic Board . In 2013 she also signed a series album based on Engelforstrilogin. It was Neidestam, Kim W. Andersson and Karl Johnsson who collaborated with the boxer’s writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg and the album has been called Part 2.5 in chronological perspective. The first book in Engelforstrilogin has also been filmed under the title Circle, but Neidestam was not involved in the project.

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